36 Sokolska, Prague: another Lotta pilgrimage site?

36 Sokolska, PragueFor decades, visitors to Ottawa have paid homage to one of Canada’s best known addresses, 56 Sparks Street, made famous by Lotta Hitschmanova in her memorable TV and radio PSAs in the 60s and 70s.

But did you know that Lotta was born in Prague and that her family home – 36 Sokolska – is also a “pilgrimage” site?

Kate Green has worked for the organization Lotta founded, USC Canada (now called SeedChange), since the early 1990s.

On a recent trip to Prague, Kate was able to locate 36 Sokolska and has shared these photos of Lotta’s family home.

Perhaps in the future other Canadians may wish to add 36 Sokolska to their list of special places to visit in Prague.

David Rain

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