Happy 110th Birthday, Lotta!

Today (Nov 28) we celebrate Lotta Hitschmanova’s 110th birthday with the news that over 1000 people have signed the “Let’s put Lotta on a stamp” petition.

Here is a sampling of the impact she had and why so many Canadians have signed this petition:

“Yes! Most definitely Lotta deserves to be on a stamp representing the courageous and generous people of Canada!” – G.T.

“I am signing because I believe she was a great humanitarian and a great human being and deserves recognition.” – S.B.

“Lotta matters! She is a shining example of why Canada needs to continue to embrace immigrants, especially refugees.” – M.S.

“Recognizing “Dr. Lotta” in this way is long, long overdue.” – W.B.

“Lotta was a remarkable, strong and dedicated woman and one all Canadians should learn about.” – S.L.

“Lotta was a household name. I used to watch her commercials in the 60s. She absolutely deserves to be on a stamp.” – R.Z.

“Shamefully looooooonnnngg overdue!” – L.G.

“I’m signing because Lotta is an inspirational figure who devoted herself to service. Through her effective advocacy and determination, many people worldwide have been helped. What better person could there be on a Canadian stamp!” – S.W.

“What a great story. Let’s have Lotta and her special kindness become better known. It is time for the extraordinary work of women to be recognized. Put Lotta on a stamp … Please.” – M.E.

“An example of compassion much needed in our time.” – J.G.

“I met Dr. Lotta and knew first hand what a gift she was to this country and to the world.” – B.K.

“Compassion for the unlucky is a value that benefits all Canadians, and all humans. Lotta demonstrated this value.” – K.W.

“Lotta is inspiring, as a refugee, a Canadian, a women, for her commitment and generosity, making the world a hopeful place.” – L.L.

“I grew up listening to Lotta’s voice on the radio. Just as common as a jingle on a tv commercial, but with true authenticity.” – J.H.

“Dr. Hitschmanova was a brilliant inspiration to me when I was in high school, and over 1/2 century later I remember her addresses to school assemblies very well.” – J.N.

“She seemed a tireless worker for helping people to help themselves by supporting them with more than donations of food, but also with the means to grow food, produce food and earn a living.” – D.B.

“Remembering Canadians who have forwarded social justice causes and have helped shape our attitudes as Lotta did is important.” – L.W.

“Dr. H came to my school in the 50s and 60s to personally tell us about Kumaran, the school’s foster child. She read his letters and told us all about his life in faraway India. What a wonderful wee lady she was.” – E.M.

“Lotta was an activist who went into communities and recruited support individually, one by one. My dad used to say, ‘you cannot say no to Lotta.’”

“Sparks Street always has a special place in my heart and soul!” – T.L.

“She was everything Canada stands for!” – Y.M.

“Lotta was my hero when I was a teenager. she helped children displaced or orphaned by war. Her work helped those children with immediate needs and supported them toward a viable future, not exploitation.” – M.P.

“She was a remarkable Canadian who served the world.” – D.M.

“Lotta Hitschmanova was an amazing woman– my family was affected by the wars in Europe: Dr. Hitschmanova was a tireless crusader for children– who are the innocent victims of war & conflict worldwide.” – R.K.

“Lotta did not let anything stop her from working toward relief of people around the world. Not religion, not her past, not governments, not the obstacles: she was a clear, strong model of a female who could.” – R.G.

“Lotta did such positive work. We need more such inspiration on how to be kind and caring in society.” – M.D.

“Lotta was an icon and a role model for women of my era.” – F.D.

“I think Lotta really galvanised Canadians in her vision of Global Citizenship and service.” – R.T.

“I grew up with Lotta. My husband packed clothes up with his father to send overseas after the war. She was an inspiration.” – M.H.

“I became interested in Lotta Hitschmanova, since first seeing the TV ads in the 60s and 70s. She accomplished so much during her lifetime, and gave so selflessly. She deserves to be recognized formally for the positive impact she had on the lives of SO many people.” – D.F.

“She has touched all of us Canadians! Her name is deeply remembered by all of us for her incredible work!” – C.C.

“Lotta changed the face of human justice work in Canada and internationally. The work of strong and influential women in human rights and equity issues need to be recognized and celebrated.” – V.N.

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