Little known Lotta facts for a Friday: a big mystery solved!

Czech costumes,1943, Ottawa. Lotta top row 2nd left. Photo courtesy of Heather Haas Barclay.

Did you know that Lotta Hitschmanova performed in the same Ottawa theatre as Vladimir Horowitz, Glenn Gould, Nat King Cole and Jimi Hendrix?

Earlier, we posted an article that included this remarkable 1943 photo of Lotta and other women dressed in traditional Czech costumes.

There was speculation that the photo might have been taken at the Chateau Laurier, maybe the Museum of Nature, but a growing consensus gave us the answer – this was the famous Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, as this photo clearly illustrates.

Capitol Theatre, photo courtesy of Lost Ottawa Facebook page

Many thanks to the members of the Lost Ottawa Facebook page and the Canadian Museum of Nature itself for confirming where the photo was taken.

Click here to read more about the remarkable history of the Capitol Theatre. Did you know, for example, that the very last event at the Capitol was emceed by Alex Trebek?

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