Immigrants make the best Canadians: Part 2

Here’s a statement Lotta Hitschmanova would have been thrilled to hear: “Immigrants are very enthusiastic about Canada and they are looking forward to take a leadership of the commemorations of our 150th.”

A recent Ottawa Citizen article attributed these words to Jack Jedwab of the Association for Canadian Studies in Montreal, commenting on a Leger survey on Canada 150 events and attitudes commissioned by Canadian Heritage.

Among Canadians not born in Canada, 51.6% strongly look forward to celebrating Canada’s 150th, compared to 29.5% of those born in Canada. “That’s paradoxical when you think about it, because that anniversary is not part of their heritage,” Jedwab relates. What do you think?

NB: Lotta was a refugee to Canada who left a lasting impact on her adopted country and inspired many other refugees and immigrants.

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David Rain


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