Special Bank of Canada survey, Update #2: Lotta Hitschmanova “left a lasting legacy”

Lotta Hitschmanova on a Canadian bank noteWhen the Bank of Canada’s cross-country survey of 2,000 Canadians asked which of 12 “bank-notable” Canadian women had “left a lasting legacy”, humanitarian Lotta Hitschmanova came out on top:

“SHE LEFT A LASTING LEGACY. When asked to rank their top four nominees considering the value “she left a lasting legacy”, Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova is ranked most frequently by survey respondents as most deserving (16%) and two in five respondents (42%) place her in the top three most deserving on this measure.”

What was Lotta’s legacy? Two main things, I believe:

  1. As I have suggested in another blog post, she planted seeds of compassion and tolerance that have helped make Canada a more caring society.
  2. And given it is International Development Week in Canada, it should be noted that Lotta was an international development “pioneer”, and we owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for opening our hearts to reach out and help those in need in far off lands. Again, seeds were planted that continue to sprout in our society to this day.

More survey results to follow in the coming days……

David Rain

PS  The detailed Bank of Canada survey results can be viewed here.

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