“My Dad was Dr. Lotta’s travel agent, and life-long friend!”

Today we welcome guest blogger, Jennifer Keane, who shares her reminiscences of her family’s connection with celebrated humanitarian, Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova (1909-1990).

Vancouver Province – June 29, 1959 – Fisk family moves to Tokyo

“I had the great good fortune to spend important years, 1959 to 1962, of my life in Tokyo. My father, Fred Fisk, was manager of the Tokyo office of Canadian Pacific Airlines.

“Lotte Hitschmanova visited Tokyo during this time, likely en route to Korea. My father met Lotte early in our stay, perhaps 1960, helped her arrange her travel and became a devoted friend.

“He invited her to our home in Tokyo and showed her around the city and environs. I believe she visited a few times in Tokyo, where I met her.

“I remember her as a warm and yet formidable presence. I also remember that my father was very respectful of her in a way that I had not seen before.

“At that time, Dad’s friends and colleagues were all male: Lotte was the only woman I recall meeting whom Dad considered superior to him in intelligence, integrity and stature. And he highly regarded her work.

“Dad’s friendship with Lotte continued when we returned to Vancouver. He would meet her at the airport and make sure she was settled at her hotel and, in his hospitable manner, would invite her home and take her for drives, one of his favorite pastimes.

“My older sister, Lynn, remembers that Dad had a correspondence with Lotte, but unfortunately is unable to locate these letters, all on light, filmy, blue paper.”

Jennifer Keane, Saskatoon

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