CANADA’S HISTORY includes Lotta in its list of 36 great women

In 2016, the respected journal Canada’s History published a list of 30 great Canadian women. Along with many others, this writer suggested that a celebrated refugee to Canada, Dr Lotta Hitschmanova, might also be included in such a list.

Last week, on International Women’s Day (March 8), Canada’s History has responded by publishing a list of 36 more great women, including Lotta!

Lotta joins other notable women such as politician Flora MacDonald, poet Rita Joe, as well as fellow Canadian banknote nominees, engineer Elsie MacGill and athlete Fanny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld.

Cairine Wilson

Library and Archives Canada

Cairine Mackay Wilson, Canada’s first female senator, was also included in the list of great Canadian women.

Many may not be aware, but Senator Wilson came to know Lotta and indeed, though not a Unitarian herself, she accepted the position of honorary Chair of the embryonic Unitarian Service Committee.

As Lotta’s biographer Clyde Sanger has noted, Senator Wilson’s support greatly facilitated the initial registration of USC Canada as a charitable organization in 1945.

More will be written about Senator Wilson in a future blog post.

David Rain

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