Little known Lotta facts for a Friday: she didn’t get her American visa

1942 canadian postage stampAfter 4 years of wandering around Europe as a refugee, Lotta Hitschmanova applied for a visa to immigrate to America.

She was rejected, but in January 1942, she received the following message in a telegram, as related by Lotta’s biographer, Clyde Sanger:

“Hitschmanova Canadian duration visa granted.”

Lotta’s first reaction was one of disappointment that she had failed to get the American visa:

“I felt sorry not to join my friends in the States, and was afraid of leaving for a country that was entirely unknown to me.

I also thought that I would be of no use to our refugees in Canada, and that I could make much propaganda in New York, by simply telling the tragic situation I had seen from so near.”

The whole social history of Canada might have been written very differently if Lotta had in fact received that American visa she so deeply sought.

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David Rain

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