Sharing a Lotta story: “Immigrants make the best Canadians”

A special note from Peter Lockyer, producer of Lotta’s documentary, Soldier of Peace:

“I think it’s a wonderful site and thanks so much for thinking of me and the documentary program we did on Lotta Hitschmanova of the USC so many years ago.

“Lotta was an amazing individual and there will never be another person like her.

“I always thought it was so ironic that when I was researching the program, this woman who was gifted with so many languages could no longer speak because of her Alzheimer’s. It was a cruel end to such an extraordinary life. But what a life!

“I think the program remains particularly relevant because of the issue of immigration including the current influx of Syrian refugees to Canada and the discussion of immigration sparked by the U.S. presidential debate.

“It’s vitally important that Canada distinguish itself in the world as a compassionate, welcoming nation whose entire history has been based on immigration.

“I remember having a Lebanese family who operated a neighbourhood store near my home in Sandy Hill in Ottawa. They were so wonderful and so hard-working.

“I have always thought that immigrants make the best Canadians because they have experience of another world most of us have never had to live.

“I’m working on a history series now that we have been producing over the last few years called The History Moments. These are two-minute segments – sort of a poor man’s version of The Heritage Minutes – that showcase the history of communities throughout Eastern Ontario.

“They play online on the websites of our sponsors and community partners, on regional broadcast stations, TV Cogeco cable, in local theatres, and are distributed to schools, and libraries as learning resources. Perhaps USC would be interested in participating with another feature on Lotta in 2017 as we would love to bring the series to Ottawa. You can view the series by visiting our website at

“Thanks again for your note and website. Good luck!”



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